Baden-Württemberg International (bw-i)

Baden-Württemberg International (BW_i)

Central first point-of-contact in all questions relating to internationalisation

Baden-Württemberg International is the central location marketing agency for business and science in and for Baden-Württemberg. BW_i sees itself as an organisation that shapes the future using a proactive and integrated approach and makes a key contribution to the development of a state that is progressive and fast growing in the areas of business and science.

Its mission is to make Baden-Württemberg even more visible, attractive and resilient in the face of global competition as a location for business and science, to attract new stakeholders and to strengthen, support and assist local companies and scientific institutions on their internationalisation journey. BW_i sees the linking of business and science as a success factor.

BW_i has an own international office in the People’s Republic of China. Its China-based office is in Nanjing and has links to an extensive network of stakeholders from business and politics thanks to the long-standing partnership between Jiangsu Province and Baden-Württemberg. The office assists small and medium-size companies in gaining access to the Chinese market.

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