Industrial technology and medical engineering, oxygen-providing equipment for therapeutic and sporting applications

AUDAX-Keck GmbH was formed from AUDAX Bautenschutzsysteme, founded in 1982 by the current Managing Director Günther Keck.

The company is represented by partner offices in a number of countries and focuses on industrial technology, medical technology, services and consulting.

In the field of medical technology, the firm concentrates on oxygen-providing equipment for sports studies, physicians’ practices and vitality centres. The firm’s products include the Oxy-Mini, a small, portable device for oxygen inhalation, the O2-Vit, a small, refillable system for initial oxygen supplies in emergency situations and the Oxy-Genius 10. This is a variable combination device that can be used, for example, for emergency oxygen therapy and oxygen ionisation therapy.

The Oxy-Genius 10 works according to the molecular filter principle: special precision filters (zeoliths) allow only oxygen molecules to pass through, holding back nitrogen and noble gas molecules, thereby significantly increasing the oxygen ratio.

Category Medical technology
Working areas Healthcare, Medicine, Technology
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