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ANSEROS Klaus Nonnenmacher GmbH

Development and manufacturing of devices and systems with ozone technology

Anseros is a developer and manufacturer of equipment and systems for cleaning liquids, gases and surfaces. The media ozone, hydrogen peroxide and UV radiation are used for this. The products are used for oxidation, sterilization and disinfection, especially in drinking water and air purification, for storing fruits and vegetables, for CIP cleaning of machines in the food industry, during packaging, for adhesion of plastics, and for aging and crack testing of elastomers. The hygienic performance of ozone is absolutely bactericidal and viricidal, without leaving any reaction products, such as when using chlorine. In order to solve the tasks assigned to Anseros, proximity to the customer is absolutely necessary. Not only to deliver the right product or process, but also to build trust. This is the Anseros recipe for success for over 60 years.

Category Engineering
Working areas Analytics, Device/Machine construction, Automation, Biotechnology, Chemistry
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