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AI software for early detection of Alzheimer's & Co.

AIRAmed develops AI software to support neuroradiological reporting.

Neurodegenerative diseases, especially dementias with their well-known subtype of Alzheimer's disease, are one of the major challenges of the 21st century. To date, the presence of dementia is usually diagnosed only at an advanced, late stage, when irreversible damage to the brain often has already occurred.

Early detection is a key factor in being able to positively influence the course of the disease.

AIRAscore AI software makes this early detection possible for example. Based on MRI images of the head, the software is able to detect changes already when the human eye alone is often not yet able to do so.

AIRAscore enables the treating physician to make an objective and fast diagnosis - across the entire neurodegenerative spectrum, as well as fine granular therapy monitoring - for a better quality of life, in the best interest of the patient.

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Working areas Imaging, Research, Artificial intelligence, Medical products, Software
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