Manufacturing components and systems for optical 3D shape measurement

ABW manufactures components and systems for optical 3D shape measurement. As early as 1989, Dr. Wolf developed the first specialist LCD-based line projectors for 3D measuring using the stripe projection method. LCD projectors are robust and have no mechanically operated components. In addition, short switching times enable a measuring time of just 0.5 seconds to be achieved, making the projectors particularly suitable for the requirements of industry, e.g. for 100% monitoring of production and assembly processes. ABW - Automatisierung und Bildverarbeitung Dr. Wolf GmbH received the award for applied image processing at VISION ‘94 and VISION 2002, the 7th and 15th international trade fairs for image processing technology components, systems and applications, in Stuttgart, Germany, for its outstanding solutions.


Medical technology

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Dr. Henning Wolf

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