Swabian Instruments GmbH

Swabian Instruments GmbH

Swabian Instruments offers powerful data acquisition tools for research and industry.

Swabian Instruments is a high-tech start-up from Stuttgart, Germany, offering solutions for digital data acquisition and signal generating for research and industry.
With our devices, we bring worldwide research a step forward.

Our goal is to help researchers to maximize the time that they spend on actual research. We achieve this by shifting some of the hardest tasks from the hardware to the software level. This makes our systems flexible and extendable. Our technology is time-saving, cost-efficient and of high quality.



Activity Analytic, Biotechnology, Research, Life Science, Technology


Dr. Helmut Fedder (CEO and Co-Founder)
Dr. Michael Schlagm├╝ller (CTO and Co-Founder)

Year of foundation