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Sagacity builds high usability, intelligent systems to drive better health outcomes

Sagacity GmbH, a member of the Cyber Valley Start-Up Partner Network, operates in the digital healthcare space and has created solutions for some of the biggest names globally in health insurance and medical sectors. The company has expertise in creating and implementing AI and machine learning based solutions for digital health.

Its latest offering Weo, a health and prevention app, addresses the issue of lack of time and motivation through scientifically proven effectiveness of micro-communities. Weo increases adherence by enabling users to set their health goals and create a closed network of friends that support and motivate each other to better achieve these goals in a high-privacy, emotionally engaging environment.

Through the application of proprietary machine learning models, personalised recommendations can be made for each user to improve adherence to their health regimen.
Health content from renowned experts in form of short video nuggets enables the user to integrate health and movement in their busy daily routine.

The app is 100% GDPR-compliant with end-to-end encryption of data and a high level of user control so that the users can focus on their health without worrying about the privacy of their data.
Weo can be used not only by companies and institutions for employee health management, but also by universities for student health management. It can be customised to meet specific needs of individual organisations.
Sagacity has recently partnered with the University of Tübingen to offer a uni-specific version of Weo for students and employees of the university.

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