Neura Robotics GmbH

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NEURA Robotics was founded in 2019 by David Reger in Metzingen, southern Germany, with the goal of bridging important innovation gaps in robotics and establishing the age of cognitive robots. Like a smartphone manufacturer, NEURA Robotics combines all components and sensors as well as artificial intelligence in one device and offers partners a platform for the joint development of apps for a wide range of specialist areas. The resulting and steadily growing NEURAverse offers unmatched flexibility and cost efficiency in automation and attracts many international market leaders. For instance, Kawasaki, the third-largest robotics manufacturer worldwide by revenue, has recently unveiled a product range "powered by NEURA.“ All the new technological components required for this approach, including AI, are developed in-house by NEURA Robotics. This made it possible to set new standards in intelligence, precision, and safety. NEURA's cognitive robots can see, hear, and have a sense of touch; they act completely autonomously and learn from experience. Today, NEURA is right on track to bring the first multi-purpose humanoid robot to market. 

Category Engineering
Working areas Device/Machine construction, Automation, Artificial intelligence, Production, Technology
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AI robotics startup NEURA Robotics secures $16 million from American firm InterAlpen Partners

Neura Robotics GmbH (NEURA), an emerging AI and robotics startup, today announced the closing of a $16 million investment round with American private equity firm InterAlpen…