JLM Innovation GmbH

JLM Innovation GmbH

JLM Innovation GmbH specializes in smart systems for chemical sensors.

JLM Innovation GmbH pecializes in systems integration for chemical sensors. We develop hardware and software for data acquisition as well as data analysis tools. Integrated systems by JLM Innovation GmbH facilitate cutting edge research in R&D departments of top companies, universities and research departments worldwide. JLM Innovation GmbH's compact handheld instruments feature an automated measuring process and data analysis integrated with cloud services. This is data acquisition from chemical sensors made easy: with real time results.

JLM Innovation GmbH is involved in several excellent international research projects, such as SniffPhone, winner of the Horizon 2020's 2018 Innovation Award for Most Innovative Project. We are the experts in smart chemical sensing.



Activity Consulting, Development, Research, Medical Products, Sensors


Dr. Jan Mitrovics, CEO

Year of foundation