HelioVital GmbH

HelioVital GmbH

HelioVital® has developed innovative and technically advanced sun protection systems which combine high degree sun protection with exploitation of the beneficial effects of sunlight

HelioVital functional suncare products offer immediate protection against harmful rays but still achieve a healthy tan by high-tech filtration. For the first time, the disadvantages of known sunscreen lotions have been solved without sacrificing the beneficial use of natural sunlight - which is a vital necessity for body, spirit and soul, and even medical treatments. Treatments with natural sunlight - i.e. heliotherapies - are high effective in the prevention and therapy of many diseases besides its general health promotion effect.

The unique HelioVital sunscreen foils reduce heat radiation for convenient sunbathing.


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Klaus Lang

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Technologie erfüllt Voraussetzungen als Medizinprodukt nach den Anforderungen der Richtlinie 93/42/EWG (Klasse 1 Anhang VII), Technologie wurde wiederholt ausgezeichnet. u.a. als „Ausgewählter Ort 2010“ im "Land der Ideen"–Wettbewerb.