Hauswirtschaftlich-Sozialpädagogische Schule

Hauswirtschaftlich-Sozialpädagogische Schule

School education

The HWS in Albstadt is a vocational school in Baden-Württemberg that specialises in housekeeping and social pedagogy. The school was established in 2004 as a result of the merger between the Friederike-Rösler School in Balingen and the Hauswirtschaftliche Schule Albstadt (housekeeping school in Albstadt). The school has 700 students, 70 teachers and 32 classes. The HWS offers 12 varied and interesting school types, including five in social pedagogy, which have led to the establishment of a regional social pedagogy competence centre in Albstadt. The grammar schools specialising in nutrition and biotechnology offer stimulating science-oriented courses. In addition, the school offers the possibility of pursuing a two-year vocational training course (Fachschulreife) and of attending different one-year full-time schools as part of the compulsory education requirements. The HWS Albstadt is a so-called OES – operatively independent school – school that participates in the Baden-Württemberg school development process.



Activity Education, School


OStD Wolfgang Wunder (Headmaster)
StD Gerhard Schweizer (Deputy Headmaster)