Edmund Bühler GmbH

Edmund Bühler GmbH

Laboratory Equipment and Materials Science

Founded by Edmund Bühler in the university city of Tübingen in 1880, Edmund Bühler GmbH is still owned by the family today.

135 years later, Edmund Bühler GmbH has developed to become a company which operates throughout the world. The production and sales of conventional laboratory devices is traditionally a main focus of the company. A second focal point is the development and production of research equipment, in particular for the quickly growing field of materials science.

In the laboratories of the world, the "Bühler Shaker" is considered to be a synonym for the efficiency of the company. Competence, experience and the commitment to excellence in quality, which is steadily anchored in the company philosophy, form the basis for a unique program of technically mature products.

Do not expect less.


Medical technology

Activity Technology


Johanna Bühler-Otto (CEO)

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