C.A.T. GmbH & Co. Chromatographie und Analysentechnik KG

C.A.T. GmbH & Co. Chromatographie und Analysentechnik KG

C.A.T. with its well equipped and modern laboratory, offers a wide range of chromatographic analyses (GC, GC-MS, HPLC, HPLC-MSn, IC) as a service to our customers.We are specialized particularly in the analysis of peptides and other amino acid derivatives

C.A.T. was founded in 1984 as an analytical laboratory specializing primarily in the chromatographic analysis of peptides, amino acid derivatives and other chiral substances.

In our modern laboratory, we offer the following analyses:

Reliable determination of enantiomeric purity via GC-MS. Sequencing of peptides and elucidation of byproducts via (HPLC-) MSn. highly accurate amino acid analysis via Enantiomerlabeling. Analyses for product control of fine chemicals: water content, residual solvent content, acetate and trifluoro acetate content.

Validation reports can be prepared. Q7A Good Manufacturing Practice Guidance is followed to fulfill the requirements of GMP.

C.A.T.has been certified by both the FDA (2004 and 2008) and by the German authorities (2006) to perform analyses under GMP conditions.

Quality control is a prime concern in our company. Customers with established quality control systems have audited our company in order to secure their quality standards. These audits either fully satisfied the customer or, in some cases, led to improvements in our quality control system.



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