Anseros GmbH

Anseros GmbH

Development and manufacture in the ozone technology sector

Klaus Nonnenmacher, Managing Director of Anseros GmbH, took over the company from his father Erwin Nonnenmacher in 1985. After this, the company moved from Gärtringen to Tübingen. Anseros specialised in the manufacture and development of components and systems for the ozone technology sector. The products that followed from this are particularly environmentally friendly and are used in a wide range of applications including sterilisation, water purification and drinking water treatment.

The portfolio includes ozone measuring equipment, ozone generators and compatible software solutions. Anseros GmbH also focuses on research, correct commissioning of the equipment and provision of customised services.


Medical technology

Activity Equipment, Hygiene, Technology


Dipl. Ing. Klaus Nonnenmacher (CEO)

Year of foundation