Deadline 07/02/2023 | Funded by SMP

Public call for financial support within the BioMan4R2 eurocluster

The BioMan4R2 project, as part of the European SMP COSME programme, offers financial support and networking for small and medium-sized enterprises in the bioproducts and medical technology sectors that want to increase their resilience, sustainability and competitiveness.

BioMan4R2 aims to improve manufacturing processes and strengthen the competitiveness and sustainability of the European healthcare ecosystem. This will be achieved through long-term collaboration between SMEs, investment funds, research, clinical and scientific organisations, and science and technology parks.


Who is eligible for funding?

The following organisations are eligible to apply for the BioMan4R2 Eurocluster public call:

  • SMEs from the EU and SMP countries located in the ecosystems of the BioMan4R2 Eurocluster project partners (Finland, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, France) and.
  • SMEs from EU regions other than the countries of the individual Eurocluster partners in the field of biotechnology and medical technology can apply to participate in the BioMan4R2 open call.

An overview of all Eurocluster partners (including contact details) can be found in the Guide for Applicants or on the BioMan4R2 matchmaking platform. Please check whether your company meets the EU SME definition (more details on the SME self-assessment).

What is supported?

1. financial support for innovation (IFS).

Value: max. 60 000 € per consortium (with a lead applicant SME receiving the funding alone and paying other partners involved in the collaborative project such as research institutions, enterprises, service providers, etc.) ONLY if these partners provide services to the SMEs. The services provided must be in line with the context and requirements of this call) in the case of collaborative projects / per SME in the case of prototyping, valorisation or validation projects.

Number of IFS available: 15 in total

This financial support is aimed at SMEs wishing to develop new products or services with a focus on technological production or process innovations aimed at making the European BioManufacturing ecosystem more resilient and sustainable and at digitising production.

Types of actions under this financial support:

  • Cooperation projects between an SME (the lead applicant) and at least one other SME, company or academic centre/R&D institution (RDOs, RTOs, private co-funders, public institutions, etc.) with common challenges related to resilience, environmental or digital transformation. Cross-border applications are welcome and will be preferred in the evaluation process.
  • Prototyping, upgrading and validating existing products by implementing resilience and green or digital aspects. Examples of resilience topics can be found in the Sample Projects chapter of the Guide for Applicants.

2. financial support for business transformation (BTFS).

Value: € 15 000 per SME

Number of BTFS available: 10 in total

Categories of BTFS:

  • Go greener/digital
  • Go International
  • Transformation Financial Support Business and legal/financial analysis

General information:
Upper limit of financial support for a single SME (including SMEs as knowledge/service providers): max. EUR 60,000 in total, therefore, when combining financial support, only a combination of several business transformation grants is possible up to the EUR 60,000 upper limit.

General binding eligibility criteria

Consistency with the thematic area of activity for the financial support in question.

General eligibility of the applicant:

  1. a single SME (EU SME definition and SME self-assessment),

    - for IFS applications for collaborative projects: the lead applicant must be a single SME and a consortium should already exist at the time of application,
    - for prototyping, exploitation and validation projects and BTFS applications: the service provider should already be established at the time of application,
  2.     based in the EU and SMP countries, and
  3.     active in the bioproduction and/or medtech sector.

Submission of the application in English

The application must be submitted via the following e-mail address:

After submission, the applicant will receive an automatically generated email. If the applicant does not receive the automatic email, he/she is requested to inform the BioMan4R2 Grant Programme Coordinator immediately in order to receive confirmation that the application has been submitted on time.

Submission of the application by the specified deadline

Upper limit of financial support for a single SME (including SMEs as knowledge/service providers): max. 60,000 EUR in total, therefore when combining financial support, only a combination of several financial supports for business transformations is possible up to the upper limit of 60,000 EUR.

    Further information

    Detailed information on the eligibility criteria for both types of grants can be found in the Guidelines for Applicants.
    Please read them before applying:

    There is a corresponding application form for the respective financial support:


    • Announcement of the winners: 18 July 2023
    • Signing of the Grant Agreement: July/August 2023
    • Start of projects: Beginning of August 2023