Managing Director

Klaus Eichenberg, Dr. rer. nat.
E eichenberg [at]
P +49-711-870354-22

"After my studies in biology with a focus on molecular and cellular biology at the University of Freiburg followed by a doctorate in physiology, I trained myself to become an investment analysts. In addition to research activities at the Technion in Israel, I publish some scientific articles for example in "Science". As a business consultant I was in the life sciences team at Ernst & Young/ Capgemini, before I took care of biotechnology and pharmaceutical values as a financial analyst at the Hypo-Vereinsbank. After some time as a freelance consultant for the Steinbeis network, I switched to BioRegio STERN in February 2004. As managing director of BioRegio STERN Management GmbH I represent the scientific and economic interests of the BioRegion. I commit myself to the sustainable growth of the biotech-location STERN and the positioning in top international ranks. In addition, for six years I was spokesman for the BioRegions of Germany."

Management Assistant and Event Management

Lena Schweickhardt
E schweickhardt [at]
P +49-711 870 354 0

"After a commercial training and subsequent job as assistant in the Private Banking sector of a regional bank in Stuttgart I came to BioRegio STERN in December 2013. I am responsible for the Secretariat and Assistant to the CEO. This way I care about organizational issues and help you to find the right person to talk to in our company. Furthermore, I am responsible for the organization of our yearly summer reception and other events."

Personnel and Finance

Martina Keller
E keller [at]
P +49-711 870 354 24

"After my training as a hotel specialist, I was able to accumulate several years of experience in the superior hotel industry in the field of personnel and organization nationally and abroad. Afterwards, I worked for an IT company for 17 years as an assistant to finance and personnel management. Since January 2017, I have been with BioRegio STERN Management GmbH, where I am also responsible for personnel and finance. I am working with my colleagues in the field of project management to carry out the billing of various projects, also in the European environment. I also work with the management of BioRegio STERN Management GmbH in all personnel and finance issues."

Public Relations Management and Project Management

Anja Reutter, Dipl.-Biol. (t.o.)
E reutter [at]
P +49-711-87035423

„After studying technical biology at the University of Stuttgart, which I completed with a thesis at the Institute of Biochemistry, I worked at a healthcare centre in the field of anaesthetics. In this role, I got first-hand insight into the day-to-day work in the operating theatre. I gained initial experience in project management and PR work during my almost two years at BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH, where I worked as editor-in-chief and project manager in bioeconomics. Since December 2017, I’ve been responsible for public relations management at BioRegio STERN Management GmbH, including the website, job portal and corporate database. I’m also a point of contact for public relations for ongoing projects and events and provide additional support for the BioRegio STERN team in project management.“

Project Management

Verena Grimm, Dr. rer. nat.
E grimm [at]
P +49-711-870354-27

"By participating at the trinational study course of the École supérieure de Biotechnologie de Strasbourg, I was able to gain first international study experience. After graduating with a diploma thesis in the area of Virology and Gene Therapy at the University of Michigan, I developed a DNA microarray for rapid antibiotic resistance detection during my doctorate at the Institute of Technical Biochemistry in Stuttgart. The following ten years I worked in the product and marketing management in the field of diagnostics at Greiner Bio-One GmbH, which produces multiplex analytical methods for use in food safety, human diagnostics and product safety in the pharmaceutical industry. Starting January 2017 at the BioRegio STERN Management GmbH, I will use my international experience in the development, application and marketing of biotechnological methods to network, attend and support companies in the medtech and biotech industry in the region. As project manager I support the regional companies’ prospects for automated applications and the development of new products."

Project Management

Nina Zabel, M.Sc. Biology
E zabel [at]
P +49-711-87035434

„I completed my master’s degree in biology at the University of Hohenheim. During my internship at Greiner Bio-One GmbH, I gained a working knowledge of the operations of the various departments in the company. This gave me an understanding of the entire development process of products for specific applications in medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological research and industry. Afterwards, I wrote my thesis at the Institute for Membrane Physiology in collaboration with Greiner Bio-One GmbH. During this time, I characterised magnetic nanoparticles, which represent a model system for creating 3D cell cultures, and investigated their influence on cellular parameters. Since February 2018, I have been working at BioRegio STERN Management GmbH, where I support the project management team on national projects.“

Project Management

Margot Jehle, Dr. rer. nat.
E jehle [at]
P +49-711-870354-29

"I studied classical chemistry, completed additional internships at the Institute of Biochemistry in Würzburg and was thus able to complete my diploma and PhD thesis in this field of chemistry. Based on my experiences that I could gather as a researcher at immatics biotechnologies GmbH in Germany and abroad, I can easily identify suitable partners from companies or institutions in an international context in order to initiate potential collaborations. Since 2011, I have been involved in various EU projects at BioRegio STERN Management GmbH and am now responsible as a project manager for the Interreg NWE project Boost4Health, launched in April 2016, to support and promote the economic development of regional and transnational SMEs. Through my numerous contacts with other European networks, I am also the initiator and contact for further diverse cooperation in neighboring European countries."

Project Management

Jana Fesseler, M.Sc. Biology
E fesseler [at]
P +49-711-87035431

„As I have always been interested in biological topics, I completed a degree in biosciences at the University of Kaiserslautern, which I rounded off with a bachelor thesis on bioprocess engineering and technology. Afterwards I went to the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) for my subsequent master’s degree in biotechnology. For my thesis, I addressed the utilization of raw materials to produce bio-based products in the sector of industrial biotechnology. Due to further trainings, I gained expertise in quality management according to EN ISO 9001. I joined the project management team for international research projects at BioRegio STERN Management GmbH in February 2018. My work involves driving innovations forward and setting up and internationalising regional SMEs.“

Project Management

Klara Altintoprak, Dr. rer. nat.
E altintoprak [at]
P +49-711-870354-32

“Throughout my time as a doctoral student and post-doctoral researcher, it was always the interface between basic and applied research in the field of conventional biotechnology and molecular biology that fascinated me most. For instance, my doctoral work dealt with plant viruses that were integrated into hybrid materials as innovative self-assembling nanodevices. For the project planning and implementation of this, I worked in an interdisciplinary team of chemists and physicists. My post-doctorate work also focussed on cooperation with various regional and international partners. In addition, I continued training in the GMP-regulated environment, which means I have an excellent grasp of the standard guidelines and tools involved in quality and project management. I started working at BioRegio STERN Management GmbH as a project manager in October 2018, where I assist the team in implementing EU development projects. What I find particularly interesting in this context is the EU-wide networking of SMEs from the life sciences sector and the development of new technologies.”

Part of the team - external support

PR support

Anja Pätzold, M.A.
E anja.paetzold [at]
P +49 711-6070 719

"After my studies in German philology and policy at the Universities of Konstanz and Stuttgart, I started to work as a research assistant at the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO in Stuttgart. My interest in the communications industry took me two years later to the advertising and PR agency Publix in Stuttgart. In 1994, I joined the newly founded agency Zeeb Kommunikation Public Relations and Advertising GmbH, where I still work today as Deputy Managing Director. Since April 2004 and with ever-growing enthusiasm for the life sciences I support the publicity of BioRegio STERN Management GmbH contributing ideas, concepts and texts."