Insilico Biotechnology AG

Insilico Biotechnology AG

Insilico Biotechnology provides software and services that use metabolic simulations to reduce time, costs, and risk in upstream bioprocess development.

Insilico Biotechnology is a market-leading company providing predictive solutions for the Bioeconomy. An interdisciplinary team of experts offers mechanistic models, customized software, and a high performance computing platform for the simulation of living cells.

Based on our expertise in reconstructing genome-based network models, we use data from our customer‘s bioprocess to generate a model that represents the customer‘s host organism. Using this model we simulate how cells behave in a bioprocess to identify the best conditions. Our simulations significantly reduce the experimental effort required during upstream bioprocess development:

Automated time-resolved process analysis in manufacturing

Media optimization in process development

Clone analysis and clone selection in cell line development

Metabolic network simulations for metabolic engineering

Customers benefit from our technology either as a service or by licensing our software solutions. To promote knowledge transfer, we provide expert training, consulting, and software customization. For world-leading pharma and biotech companies Insilico‘s technology lowers time, risk and costs of process development.



Activity Biotechnology, Service, Computer Science/Computer, Simulation, Cell Culture


Klaus Mauch, CEO

Year of foundation




Supervisory board

Dr. Bertram Layer, Partner, Hennerkes, Kirchdörfer & Lorz, Stuttgart, Germany
Johannes Roth, Partner, FiveT Capital Holding AG, Pfäffikon, Switzerland
Dr. Peter Steiner, Manager, ESBATech, Zürich, Switzerland

Academic board

Prof. Dr. Dr. Matthias Reuss, Senior Director of Centre Systems Biology, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Prof. Dr. Rolf D. Schmid, Director of Bio4Business, Stuttgart, Germany
Prof. Dr. Stefan Schuster, Head of Department of Bioinformatics, University of Jena, Germany



Prof. René Schenkendorf joins Insilico Biotechnology AG Scientific Advisory Board

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Insilico Biotechnology AG participates in Inno4vac, a European new public-private partnership to innovate vaccine development

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Prominent Scientist Professor John Bagterp Jørgensen joins Insilico Scientific Advisory Board

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Insilico Announces the Release of “Insilico Advisor” for Model Predictive Monitoring of Cell Culture Processes

(Stuttgart) - Insilico Biotechnology AG announces the release of its new product, the Insilico Advisor to improve efficiency of biologics manufacturing.