Solutions for digital health applications

Many companies are unaware of the benefits of blockchain technology. To find out to what extent this technology offers advantages for a company, Blockstart has laid the foundations to facilitate access to blockchain technology: a comprehensive training programme for SMEs from the EU that supports companies in their decision-making.

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A new digital era for SMEs in the agri-food, healthcare and logistics sectors

Faced with the challenge of opening up new opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises in an increasingly connected and digitalised business landscape, eight partners with expertise in blockchain technology, digitalisation, logistics, business development and technology transfer have joined forces to build the Blockstart ecosystem. They have launched a multi-layered training programme aimed at SMEs in the above-mentioned sectors to optimise their processes and make them more efficient with the help of blockchain technology. A total of 14 experts were recruited for the programme. In courses, they imparted practical knowledge not only on blockchain technology, but also on the development of new business areas and regulatory issues relating to medical technology products. Since 2019, more than 30 small and medium-sized companies from north-west Europe have already benefited from the comprehensive Blockstart SME training programme.

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“Blockchain and DLT are completely new to us. We learned about the basics and typical use cases as well as use cases which might make sense for HeartGo. The trainers structured and delivered the topics nicely.”

“If there was an option of “excellent”, I would tick that instead! Christoph was brilliant at not only delivering the content but helping in navigating the medical device landscape for products that are “un-traditional” and require some additional critical thought.”
Bronic Co. LTD

“We are currently putting together the technical specification of our product, so it has helped a lot to define the attributes relevant to blockchain and the overall role of blockchain in the product architecture.”
Lemsford Mill Controls Ltd

“We are still ongoing in the Blockstart programme and might yet meet partners for collaboration.”
Royal Eijkelkamp

These are the nine BSTART partners:

  • from the Netherlands: Brightlands Smart Services Campus (lead partner), Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Oost Nederland and the software developer ChainPoint B.V.
  • from France: the clusters Medicen Paris Region
  • from Belgium: the innovation centre Multitel asbl
  • from the UK: University of Surrey
  • from Germany: the cluster BioRegio STERN Management GmbH



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Solutions for Digital Health Applications

What is blockchain technology and how can it be implemented in the healthcare, logistics and agrofood sectors? Many companies are not aware of the advantages of blockchain technology. To find out the extent to which this technology offers advantages for your business, Blockstart - an Interreg NWE pr...

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BioRegio STERN Management GmbH is a partner in the new European Interreg project BSTART, which aims to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from sectors such as healthcare access blockchain technology. Nine partners from five north-west European countries gathered at the Dutch lead partner...


Margot Jehle, Dr. rer. nat.

Project Management
+49-173 180 892 4
Project Management
Margot Jehle, Dr. rer. nat.

"I studied classical chemistry, completed additional internships at the Institute of Biochemistry in Würzburg and was thus able to complete my diploma and PhD thesis in this field of chemistry. Based on my experiences that I could gather as a researcher at immatics biotechnologies GmbH in Germany and abroad, I can easily identify suitable partners from companies or institutions in an international context in order to initiate potential collaborations. Since 2011, I have been involved in various EU projects at BioRegio STERN Management GmbH and am now responsible as a project manager for the Interreg NWE project Boost4Health, launched in April 2016, to support and promote the economic development of regional and transnational SMEs. Through my numerous contacts with other European networks, I am also the initiator and contact for further diverse cooperation in neighboring European countries."

Klara Altintoprak, Dr. rer. nat.

Project Management
+49-172 591 129 9
Project Management
Klara Altintoprak, Dr. rer. nat.

“Throughout my time as a doctoral student and post-doctoral researcher, it was always the interface between basic and applied research in the field of conventional biotechnology and molecular biology that fascinated me most. For instance, my doctoral work dealt with plant viruses that were integrated into hybrid materials as innovative self-assembling nanodevices. For the project planning and implementation of this, I worked in an interdisciplinary team of chemists and physicists. My post-doctorate work also focussed on cooperation with various regional and international partners. In addition, I continued training in the GMP-regulated environment, which means I have an excellent grasp of the standard guidelines and tools involved in quality and project management. I started working at BioRegio STERN Management GmbH as a project manager in October 2018, where I assist the team in implementing EU development projects. What I find particularly interesting in this context is the EU-wide networking of SMEs from the life sciences sector and the development of new technologies.”