ILDA-care Business Case Award 2019

ILDA-care Business Case Award 2019

ILDA-care (Intelligent Logistics, Digitalisation and Automated Workflows for the Homecare and Nursing homes sector) is a Danish-German collaboration between Welfare Tech and the German cluster BioRegio STERN. "Smart care technology" is an emerging market, and most commonly developed by highly innovative SMEs born with an international vision.

A huge opportunity emerges for developing a new value-chain alongside automation, digitalisation and intelligent logistics for nursing homes and homecare and thereby tapping into vast global markets. One intention of the project ILDA-care is to support the creation of new business ideas for the health market.

Therefore, there will be a calling for the ILDA-care Business Case Award 2019 on January 22nd. The best two business cases will be awarded in that call. The winnerst get a tailored workshop in order to further develop their ideas . The deadline to apply for the business case award is February 18, 2019.

Eligibility criteria:

  • The applicant is either a research organization actively working in the field of healthcare or an SME, complying with the European SME definition‐friendly‐environment/sme‐definition_en
  • The SME or research organization is located either in Denmark or in Germany’s STERN region.
  • The idea is represented by at least one Danish and one German organization.
  • It must not have received State aid above the “de minimis” ceiling and it must not be in receivership or under liquidation at the time of receiving the award.
  • Only complete application forms are eligible for the award.

Please notice:
As part of the ILDa care project, two workshops have already taken place. The applicants don´t have to participate in one of the workshops in advance to submit an idea, new organizations are welcome to submit an idea as well. The submitted idea doesn’t have to be an idea generated in one of the workshops, also brand new ideas are welcome to be submitted.


  • Please get in touch with BioRegio STERN or WelfareTech (Denmark) before submitting your idea.
  • The application form includes one page for contact data, another page dedicated to fill in the business case idea and the guidelines attached. The applicant agrees with its signature to the included documents.
  • Please note : each party of a business case idea has to fill in the application form and has to agree with its signature to the documents. The description of the idea needs to be filled in by only one party.
  • The description of the submitted idea shall not exceed one page in total.
  • To protect the idea, a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is to be signed by all involved parties.

Please send your application to: fesseler [at], zabel [at] with smps [at] in copy.


For questions please contact:

Dr. Margot Jehle
E-Mail: jehle [at]
Tel.: 0049-711-870654-29

Application form
Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Welfare Tech

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