KISTERS - Software, Hardware, Engineering Services

KISTERS, a medium-sized company that was founded as an engineering office in 1963, develops leading software solutions for the sustainable resource management of energy, water and air and for environmental protection and safety, transportation telematics and 3D viewing. KISTERS‘ hardware sales department supplies equipment such as large-format printers (2D and 3D) and scanners. The company is also still active in the area of engineering services. KISTERS is a sought-after solution partner in an international context. It has over 500 employees, is headquartered in Aachen, Germany, and has numerous international subsidiaries. Partnerships: Bundled Competence

Partnerships with other companies and the scientifi c community have formed an important part of the KISTERS’ business strategy for many years. This approach allows us to provide customers with a comprehensive, high-quality solution portfolio from a single source. We offer turnkey solutions and provide guidance and support as a full-range product and service supplier.



Activity Computer Science/Computer, Technology, Environment


Klaus Kisters (Vorsitzender, CEO)
Hanns Kisters (COO)

Year of foundation

1963 als Ingenieurbüro Kisters


250 in 10 Standorten weltweit (Stand 2007)

Supervisory board

Dr. Thomas Klevers (Aufsichtsratvorsitzender)