endstufe - Konzeption und Gestaltung

endstufe - Konzeption und Gestaltung

endstufe - The science of design is your innovative and reliable partner for visual communication and grafic design with scientific background.

endstufe is an agency for visual communication and graphic design, including life science knowledge.

We are able to translate even complexe scientific issues into a graphic language that can be understood internationally, interdisciplinary and throughout different social layers.

As a first step we do an extensive briefing to answer 3 important questions:
Which kind of information is to be transported?
What is the scope of the assignment?
And even, what are the meta layers concerning the project?

With 15 years of professional experience in communications design and the print sector and permanent advanced education in life sciences, we are your reliable partner, whether it be brochures, multimedia, signs, print products, presentations or websites.



Activity Education, Life Science, Medicine, Public Relation, Environment


Heike Ludwig

Year of foundation