Curetis GmbH

Curetis GmbH

Curetis offers innovative diagnostic solutions for molecular microbiology, that allow for the rapid and comprehensive detection of pathogens and their resistances to antibiotics in a broad range of infectious disease indications.

Curetis, is a molecular diagnostics company based in Holzgerlingen near Stuttgart, Germany, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of OpGen Inc (Gaithersburg, MD, USA – Nasdaq Ticker: OPGN –,

OpGen is a precision medicine company harnessing the power of molecular diagnostics and bioinformatics to help combat infectious disease. Along with subsidiaries, Curetis GmbH and Ares Genetics GmbH, we are developing and commercializing molecular microbiology solutions helping to guide clinicians with more rapid and actionable information about life threatening infections to improve patient outcomes, and decrease the spread of infections caused by multidrug-resistant microorganisms, or MDROs.

Curetis’ Unyvero System is a versatile, fast and highly automated molecular diagnostic platform for easy-to-use, cartridge-based solutions for the comprehensive and rapid detection of pathogens and genetic antimicrobial resistance markers in a broad range of severe infectious disease indications. Results are available within hours, a process that can take days or even weeks if performed with standard diagnostic procedures.

Infections with increasingly resistant pathogens is one of the biggest threats to healthcare globally. Improved and faster diagnostics are key in overcoming this challenge. The rapid diagnostics solutions of Curetis facilitate improved patient outcomes, stringent antibiotic stewardship and health-economic benefits.

Unyvero in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products are marketed in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the U.S.

OpGen Inc.’ wholly owned subsidiary Ares Genetics GmbH develops next-generation solutions for infectious disease diagnostics and the data-driven development of antibiotics. The ARES Technology Platform combines the presumably most comprehensive database worldwide on the genetics of antimicrobial resistances, ARESdb, with advanced bioinformatics and artificial intelligence.

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OpGen Announces Award of German Government Grant Funding to its Subsidiary Curetis and Collaborators

Project to look at rapid molecular diagnostics for travel related and enteric diseases in small animals Veterinary applications to be developed on Unyvero A30 RQ platform…


Unyvero HPN Panel for Pneumonia Identifies Life-Threatening Bacterial Co-Infections in COVID-19 Patients in Just Five Hours

Performance of the Unyvero HPN Panel for pneumonia proves to be strongly concordant (98.2%) compared to bacterial lower respiratory tract culture   Collaboration with Karolinska…


Curetis N.V. in liquidatie to announce liquidation distribution in advance and last trading day

Curetis N.V. in liquidatie (the "Company") announces that the liquidators of the Company have resolved upon a liquidation distribution in advance


Curetis and OpGen Close Business Combination

Following approval of shareholders, companies sign German transfer agreement Curetis GmbH and its subsidiaries Curetis USA Inc.and Ares Genetics GmbH are now wholly owned by…