Consic Software Engineering

Consic Software Engineering

Software development

Software for Quality Management: Consic develops software for Quality Management. Our software solutions support our customers to get better every day.

Quality Management

: Modern Quality Management has the goal to accompany all processes from the very beginning to the end. Faults must be detected and fixed as early as possible. Processes must become more efficient, customers more content, the whole organisation better every day. These concepts are so good that they have been transferred from the classical industries (Automotive, Aircraft, Mechanical) to industries like drug and food production, and hospitals.

Developing Software

: This is where we develop our software. Our software solutions help our customers from all branches to become better every day. Our solutions are targeted towards practitioners. They are user friendly and inexpensive because we focus on important parts of Quality Management.



Activity Computer Science/Computer, Education, Quality Management


Stefan Heymann
Frank-P. Schänzlin

Year of foundation



DIN/EN/ISO 9001:2000