careon GmbH

careon GmbH

IT and Internet for Personal Health Management. careon has been successfully developing eHealth solutions since 2000

Success in eHealth:

careon GmbH is a successful provider of IT and Internet products for personal health management. Alongside a personal health record, in accordance with § 68 SGB V, careon also offers a (DMP) case management software and specialised IT services. A further business area is the data management for health insurance companies. The company was founded in Tuebingen, Germany in 2000 and has about 40 health insurers with more than 20 million customers as clients.

In the emerging fields of the new telematics infrastructure and the electronic smartcard, careon is cooperating with the Fraunhofer Institute IBMT and the KV Nordrhein. careon particularly supports the D2D secure data communication standard.


Medical technology

Activity Service, Computer Science/Computer

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