CAG GmbH – Center for Animal Genetics

CAG GmbH – Center for Animal Genetics

Bringing the power of molecular genetics to animal health and breeding

CAG GmbH, the Center for Animal Genetics was jointly founded in July 2014 by CeGaT GmbH and dw sport horse GmbH. This partnership brings together CeGaT’s award-winning expertise in molecular genetics, sequencing, and data analysis and dw sport horse’s experience in the world of horses and animal breeding. The corporate objective is to conduct ground-breaking molecular analysis of animal genetics and hereditary diseases, especially in horses, dogs, and cats. In addition to on-going research, CAG offers traditional identity and parentage testing, and existing single-gene disease and phenotype tests. CAG collaborates with academic laboratories, breed groups, and breeders, and also offers services such as next-generation sequencing (NGS) of various animal species.

CAG's research reflects the leading edge of molecular genetics, working to predict simple and complex hereditary diseases and traits. Many diseases in horses, dogs and cats are still unexplored and their underlying cause unknown, particularly for multi-factorial conditions that include multiple genes and environment factors. CAG focuses on this area, contributing to basic research in the field to improve knowledge and resources for animal breeders and owners and will develop resources to improve the health and well-being of animals. Tests offered and developed by CAG will give breeders the tools they need to reduce the occurrence of undesirable traits through selective breeding and to confidently choose top quality animals for their breeding programs.



Activity Diagnostic, Research, Genetics, Sequencing


Dr. Dirk Biskup
Dörte Wedewardt

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