ambiotex GmbH

ambiotex GmbH

Technology Startup for vital data measurement and processing.

ambiotex is an intelligent wearable with special components, by which the wearer is able to capture his or her vital parameters, activities and motion. Compared to many other products, measuring vital parameters also works when the sensors are in dry condition. This means that even when the wearer is not sweating, data can be measured exactly. The accuracy of measurement is +99%, wich is equal to a mobile ECG but the garment is convenient and easy to use. The data will be stored on the TechUnit. With these highly accurate data, our software is able to apply analytics from the stress level as well as to provide intelligent recommendations to the user through the ambiotex app directly or via dashboard to a team leader. Smart Clothing is the future of vital data monitoring and ambiotex has already a working solution on the market (sport market).


Medical technology

Activity Diagnostic, Equipment, Health, Life Science, Sensors


Florian Dennerlein, CEO

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