Title Content Date
SniffPhone wins 2018 Innovation Award We are proud to announce the SniffPhone project has been awarded the 2018 Innovation Award by the European Commission for Most Innovative Project. 30.11.2018
Researchers uncover camouflage strategy of multi-resistant bacteria Breakthrough in the investigation of feared pathogens − Previously unknown protein in a key role 21.11.2018
On its 200th Anniversary: Minister-President Commends University of Hohenheim’s Forward-Looking Focus Winfried Kretschmann, Minister-President of Baden-Württemberg and graduate of the University of Hohenheim congratulates his alma mater / Fritz Kuhn, Lord Mayor of Stuttgart, sees University 20.11.2018
A new starting european stratetic cluster partnership In early November, the S3martMed kick-off meeting was held in Lyon, the new 2-year European initiative that the 5 partners - Biowin (Wallonia), BioPmed (Piedmont), GAPR - Medsilesia (Upper Silesia) 12.11.2018
IRRI collaborates with Computomics to develop new and better rice varieties through machine learning The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) is teaming up with Germany-based biotechnology company Computomics GmbH to use the latest bioinformatics tools to speed up data analysis and advance 31.10.2018
Against resistant germs: new research group The growing numbers of resistant bacterial pathogenic agents and with this the increasing limitation of available active antibiotics poses one of the greatest challenges of the global healt 26.10.2018
CureVac Announces First Study Participant Enrolled in Phase I Clinical Trial Testing Prophylactic mRNA Trial to provide first-in-human data for CureVac’s novel mRNA-based intramuscular rabies vaccine 23.10.2018
How the immune system senses chitin, a key activator in fungal infections and dust allergies University of Tübingen researchers identify chitin receptor – a first step towards treatments 18.10.2018
Antilock brake system in arteries protects against heart attack Researchers at the University of Tübingen have discovered a natural mechanism that blocks the formation of dangerous blood clots 16.10.2018
Curetis und Beijing Clear Biotech bauen strategische Kooperation zu Unyvero in China weiter aus Curetis N.V. 11.10.2018