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No surprises: secure drug effectiveness and safety with SCHOTT vials - already at early development stages

When developing a drug or a formulation, the interaction with the container can have a major impact on drug effectiveness and its safety. To avoid surprises, such as delamination, protein adsorption, -aggregation or even –denaturation, at late development stages, drug-container interaction should be taken in consideration at the early R&D stages. In addition, the availability of small quantities is a common hurdle to consider during early phases.

SCHOTT is currently offering a solution to this challenge, by providing ready-to-use products as well as kits in small amounts, suitable also for early stages of development. 

When using vials, only one well-known material is in direct contact with the drug product: glass. Due to this decreased complexity, vials are mostly the primary choice to package parenteral drugs, especially when first marketed. But it is more than just packaging. Especially sensitive biotech drugs need to be protected: from filling until injection.Depending on factors such as pH, filling volume or molecular structure, the wrong container choice could lead to delamination, protein adsorption, -aggregation or even -denaturation, compromising drug effectiveness and its safety. To avoid surprises at late development stages, drug-container interaction should be taken already in consideration at the early R&D stages.With a new online shop service, SCHOTT is offering a solution to this challenge. Via this platform, SCHOTT’s ready-to-use products are available, whereby no washing and sterilization at the customer is needed, saving time & money. In addition, a kit is offered, including all necessary packaging components, i.e. stoppers, crimps and caps, in order to increase the ease-of-use in R&D stages even more.


Diana Löber, Global Product Manager Vials, SCHOTT AG, Business Unit Pharmaceutical Systems
Diana studied business administration and communication in Mainz. After an internship at Merck Millipore, she completed a 2-years trainee program from 2013 – 2015  in Product Management in the medical devices business (Ottobock HealthCare), including training on-the-job in different departments, also abroad. Followed by an employment as a Portfolio Manager within the Business Unit Development Prosthetics. Since 2018, Diana acts as Global Product Manager Vials in the Strategy & Innovation department at SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Systems.

Robert Lindner,  Junior Global Product Manager adaptiQ®, SCHOTT Schweiz AG
Dr. Robert Lindner is the global product manager for adaptiQ® ready-to-use-vials within the SCHOTT iQ® platform. He is responsible for the strategic alignment of the product group and partnering activities. Robert holds a Doctorate in Chemistry from Mainz University, Germany, and has worked extensively in the field of surface chemistry. Before joining Schott in 2019, he was responsible for several multinational R&D projects focusing on functionalized surfaces. Thereafter, he coordinated an interdisciplinary and international industry network and lead their roadmapping activities.

André Borutta, External Project Lead Pharma Webshop, SCHOTT AG
André Borutta has many years of experience in building complex e-commerce systems. He founded his first digital company in 1995 and has been since that time active as an entrepreneur and project manager in all areas of digitalization. Before joining Schott in 2019, André was responsible for several digital projects in the telecommunication industry and international trading companies.Together with the SCHOTT Process owner Elisa Torner, he developed the SCHOTT Pharma online shop with the aim to offer the SCHOTT Pharma products in small quantities and easy to order for new and existing clients.


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