26.11.2019 | Heidelberg

More than meets the eye: Pharmaceutical Packaging and Diagnostic Consumables supporting your performance

Veranstaltungsort: Technology Park - Conference Center, Im Neuenheimer Feld 582, 69120 Heidelberg

The global diagnostics and consumable market is changing fundamentally. The capabilities and expertise needed to stay ahead of these changes will require a commitment to understanding both complex economic and technological issues. Among the many challenges in managing this complexity, is the coordination and integration of multiple suppliers in the development of a consumable. In an effort, to address this challenge, SCHOTT is building an expertise toward its goal to be a full-service global leader in diagnostic consumables manufacturing.

Ampoules, vials, cartridges, syringes - a multitude of containers exist to package parenteral drugs. But it's more than just packaging, especially sensitive biotech drugs need to be protected: from filling until injection. Drug-container interaction can have a major impact regarding activity & safety of the drug, due to extractables & leachables, glass delamination, protein adsorption, denaturation or aggregation. New cell- and gene therapies pose additional challenges when it comes to cryo storage – we know there’s more than what meets the eye and offer a broad portfolio of primary packaging options.

In this workshop, we will show how SCHOTT is expanding its capabilities as a comprehensive and capable partner in consumables solutions. In addition, we would like to talk with you about primary packaging possibilities to keep drug products stable over shelf-life, to ensure efficient processing during fill & finish and to handle supply chain.

13:00 - networking and lunch
13:45 - presentation
15:00 - working groups
16:30 - presentation & discussion of outcomes
17:00 - end of the workshop

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