30.01.2020 | Webinar

Codex4SMEs Webinar: Singe Cell Analysis

Veranstaltungsort: Webinar

Knowledge Transfer Service: Codex4SMEs Webinar on S I N G L E   C E L L   A N A L Y S I S - From bulk information to biology in high end resolution.

During this webinar, we will explain the single cell gene-expression-workflow at the Medical University Graz to you. Further, we explain the possibilities of sc analysis and focus on the technique and applications of 10X Genomics based protocols.


INGEBORG KLYMIUK is a Molecular Biologist at the Center for Medical Research at the Medical University of Graz. She is director of the Core Facility Molecular Biology at the Med Uni Graz planning, processing and analyzing research projects. In the focus for her work are many next generation sequencing based applications, single cell analysis and microbiomics techniques.


You will learn and hear about:

  • Single cell analysis
  • 10X Genomics
  • Applications in gene expression, Immune profiling and beyond.

Further information

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