19.10.2020 - 30.10.2020 | online

BioHealth Worldwide Online

Conference Overview

Date: Oct. 19th (Mon) to 21st (Wed), 2020 / Exhibition dates: Oct. 19th (Mon) - 30th (Fri)

Host/Organizer: Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) / KOTRA, INFORMA Korea

Cooperating organizations: Korea Medical Devices Industry Association (KMDIA), Korea Digital Health Industry Association (KoDHIA)

Theme: Trends and global strategies on K-quarantine, biopharmaceutical and digital healthcare and etc.

Notes: Recorded conference will be uploaded on-line and released based on conference schedule.

Afterwards, uploaded conference can be watched until the end of the exhibition.


Detailed plan

[Session 1] K-Quarantine and Medical Equipment

Day 1
Global speech
(20 min. each)
The COVID-19 pandemic
  • Dr. Briand, Sylvie

WHO | Director HQ/GIH Global Infectious Hazard Preparedness

  Preparedness and Response on COVID-19 Laboratory Diagnosis in Republic of Korea
  • Cheonkwon, Yoo
Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency | Director of Infectious Disease
Diagnosis and Analysis Bureau
  Potential new interests and opportunities areas for Medical Device companies in the
post-COVID landscape
  • Diane M. Francis
Johnson and Johnson | Head of Health Economics & Market Access, North
Domestic companies
(10 min. each)
Presentation by COVID-19 testing kit manufactures and private laboratory agencies
  • COVID-19 Testing status in Green Cross Laboratories(GC Labs)
Songhyun Yang | GC Labs | Executive Vice President
  • Specimens Collection, Transport and Preservation System
Kyu Jin, Han | Noble Bio
  • The Response Solution for COVID19
Edward Choi | DK Medical Systems | Int. Business Team Manager
  • Total Solution for COVID-19 Diagnosis : Multiplex High Risk Virus Screening
Soyoun Kim | PCL Inc. | CEO
  • Rapid Molecular Detection of COVID-19 using Innovative LabChip Technology
Sung-Woo Kim | Mico Biomed CO., LTD. | CEO



[Session 2] Biopharmaceuticals

Day 2
Global speech
(20 min. each)
Trends in COVID-19 vaccine and development.
  • Jerome H.Kim

IVI(International Vaccine Institute) | Director General

The state of vaccine development against COVID-19

  • Dr. Rolf Homke
VFA (German Association of Research-based Pharmaceutical Companies)
  Biopharmaceutical Industry in Korea
  • Lee, Seung-gyu
Vice President, Korea Bio Association
Domestic companies
(10 min. each)
Presentation by domestic biopharmaceutical companies.
  • "Camostat" safety proven, oral treatment for COVID-19
Yeon Park | Daewoong Pharmaceuticals | BD
  • COVID-19 Treatment Development Status
Jaha Park | Chong Kun Dang Pharmaceutical Corporation | Manager,
Development Planning Team
  Quality control of pharmaceutical products.
  • Understanding the impurity profile of an active pharmaceutical ingredient:

requirements and expectations in the context of the Certification Procedure
Cristian Sampaolesi
EDQM(European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines and Healthcare) |
Head of Section - Certification of Substances Department • APIC (Active
Pharmaceutical Ingredients Committee

  • Nitrosamines impurities - Current expectations and how to do in practice
Marieke van Dalen
Aspen Oss B.V. | Global Regulatory Specialist



[Session 3] Digital Healthcare

Day 3
Global speech
(20 min. each)
A global remote diagnosis post pandemic COVID-19
  • Dr. Arturo Mendoza | Pacific RIM Pathology Laboratory | President
  The basic principles of digital therapeutics
  • Dr. Megan Coder
Digital Therapeutics Alliance | Executive Director

Trends in Digital Healthcare Industry and Preparation for Post COVID-19 era in

  • Seung-jae Song

Korea Digital Health Industry Association | Chairman

Domestic companies
(10 min. each)
Presentation by domestic Non-contact healthcare companies
  • Untact' medical service platform, Dr. Call
Dongbum Kim
Life Semantics | Director• Insung Info (Telemedicine system)
  • Healthcare Business Introduction
Hongjin Kim
Insung Information Co., Ltd. | Managing Director• WELT (Smart healthcare
  • TECHHEIM & “NubeX” Cloud based PACS solution Insoo Koh
Techheim | Team Manager
How Digital Therapeutics becomes Global Business
  • Seongji Kang
WELT Corp. | CEO


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