Ovesco Endoscopy AG

Ovesco Endoscopy AG

Medical instruments for flexible endoscopy

Ovesco Endoscopy AG develops, manufactures and markets medical instruments for the examination and treatment of the gastrointestinal tract.

The company works intensively with numerous medical and technical institutes and hospitals in Germany and around the world. Ovesco manufactures and markets the OTSC® (over-the-scope-clip) system, its first platform product for the treatment of bleeding and lesions in the gastrointestinal tract. The super-elastic nitinol clip is compatible with all commercially available endoscopes and has provided endoscopists (surgeons, internal specialists) with completely new treatment options. The company also offers innovative devices that enable the clip to be correctly positioned. The OTSC® system is a new clipping technology that has been used in clinics since 2006. It is used in particular for the treatment of gastrointestinal bleeding, postoperative complications such as anastomotic insufficiencies and fistulas, as well as for the closure of iatrogenic wall defects of the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract. The OTSC® system has features that are superior to traditional clipping systems, including the ability to secure larger tissue volumes and achieve higher stability at lesion sites, resembling that of surgical sutures. In contrast to open surgery, OTSC® has the unique feature that the clip adjusts to the actual requirements of the tissue (dynamic approach) and thus enables even chronic wounds and fistulas to be treated with a high success rate.

Ovesco’s products are approved for clinical application worldwide. They are sold and used in the EU, the USA, Canada, Japan and Australia (and shortly also in China, India and South America) and in many other locations besides. With the establishment of Ovesco Endoscopy USA Inc. in July 2000, the company is very successfully developing its presence on the US market.

The company expects to launch numerous new developments based on the OTSC® technology platform in 2012 or early 2013. In addition, the company has additional innovative platform technologies in its product pipeline and anticipates them being placed on the market within the next few years.


Medical technology


Medical technology, Minimally invasive surgery, Medical products


Prof. Marc O. Schurr, Vorstand/ Member of the Executive Board
Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Gottwald, Vorstand/ Member of the Executive Board
Johan Ceuppens, Commercial Director
Dipl.-Ing. Chi-Nghia Ho, Vice President Therapeutic Devices
Dr. sc. hum. Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Schostek, Vice President Diagnostic Systems

Year of foundation

2002 as GmbH, 2008 change into AG



Supervisory board

Frank Ramsperger (chairman of the board)
Hansjörg Bürk
Peter Greiser


third-party funding, shareholders, revenues


EN ISO 13485:2003 and EN ISO 9001:2000 certification

Ovesco Endoscopy AG

Ovesco Endoscopy AG
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